Weekend Food Backpack Program

What is the Weekend Food Backpack Program?

The Backpack Program provides Sunrise Valley students who qualify for free/reduced lunch with a bag of food every weekend, including long weekends and during school breaks. The program runs from the end of September until the last weekend of the school year in June.

Who pays for the Weekend Food Backpack Program at Sunrise Valley?

The Backpack Program is funded 100% by the families at Sunrise Valley. Currently, we support 18 friends and each bag costs $9 per week, which means we spend about $162 each weekend on food. We need double and triple the amount of money and food during long weekends and school breaks. Your donations are essential for the success and sustainability of this program.

How does it work?

Bring food items to the front office of Sunrise Valley Elementary School.

Individual servings/non-refrigerated items needed:

Breakfast bars Fruit snacks / squeezes Microwave popcorn

Cereal boxes

Microwavable entrees

Pudding snacks

Instant oatmeal packets

Microwavable pasta / Mac ‘n Cheese

Tuna or chicken pouches / cans

Fruit / vegetable cups

Microwavable ravioli / Chef Boyardee

Ramen noodles / Cup Noodle

What can I donate besides food?

Go to Pay4schoolstuff.com to make a monetary contributionThe Backpack Program also accepts gift cards from stores that sell the needed food items including, but not limited to, Costco, Giant, Harris Teeter, Safeway, Target, and Wal-Mart.

Who would I contact for more information?

Khuong Mulvaney at ktmulvaney@gmail.com

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